How To Secure Your Smart TV From Hackers

How To Secure Your Smart TV From Hackers

Smart TVs connect to the internet, let you install apps, stream video from services like Netflix and Hulu, run games, have a web browser, and may include features like voice control and webcams. But in a world where most of our entertainment is streamed over the internet, Smart TVs have a darker...

Save Up To 40% Off On Blink XT Home Security Camera System

Act Fast to save up to 40% off of Blink XT Home Security Systems on Amazon. We don't know how long this deal is going to last so take advantage of it while you can. Once you've purchased your system, call CableTel at (678) 856-8077 to install everything for you. Everyone deserves to feel safe in...

Doorbell security cameras: Keeping you safe or risking your privacy?

Great article on how to keep your privacy from getting compromised from your Ring doorbell. We've all seen them: Frightening videos of potential thieves outside metro-Atlanta homes, captured by the homeowners' doorbell video cameras. Channel 2's Dave Huddleston set out to investigate home doorbell...

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