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​Are Home Security Cameras a Deterrent?

are home security cameras a deterrent


Crime, unfortunately, is apart of our reality and it happens more than we are willing to admit. In the US there is a crime happening every 13 seconds. That’s really scary. We can’t predict when or if we will ever be victims of crime but we can take measures to protect ourselves.

One way of doing that is to invest in a quality CCTV surveillance system. It shouldn’t be a question of, are home security cameras a deterrent but rather when are you going to get one for yourself.



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home security cameras can deter crime

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Are Home Security Cameras A Deterrant?

Find out what career burglars say makes a house an easy target.

Home security cameras are a deterrent because most burglars are opportunists. And they don’t want to go to jail. Therefore if they see a security camera they will more than likely choose another house.

Homes with a security camera system are 300% less likely to be burglarized. According to Electronic Security Association, approx. 83% of burglars would first determine if a home has security cameras before they broke in. And 60% of thieves would typically avoid homes with security cameras.

Which home would you rather own?

Here’s further proof that home security cameras do deter crime.

If your home security cameras don’t deter them, at least you have video evidence to help the police catch them and put them away.

Burglar Deterrent Gadgets

Even though you know home security cameras are a deterrent, you may not have the budget for one at the moment. And that’s ok because there are still some things you can do to improve your home’s security. One of those things is to invest in burglar deterrent gadgets.

There are a lot of burglar deterrent gadgets on the market, but here we are going to list the 5 best ones.

Ring Doorbell

The Ring doorbell is a very popular product. Even though it is small, it is also a good home security camera deterrent And for good reasons. It’s videos have been featured on news stories all across the country. And it has been effective at helping the police catch a lot of criminals.

The only drawback to the Ring doorbell is that is can only capture a small coverage area. So if a burglar breaks in of the side of your house the Ring doorbell wouldn’t be able to catch that. That’s why it’s good to improve your home security by adding a security camera system. A security camera system can monitor the entire coverage area of your property.

Fake TV Light

This fake TV light simulates the light pulses of a 40 inch TV which makes it a perfect alternative to a home security camera deterrent. It will make someone think you are at home while you’re away.

It comes with a timer that is easy to program. Stick to your same schedule. This makes the device project a more normal routine. The great thing about this device is it takes up no more wattage than a night light and it’s plug and play. You can’t get much simpler than that.

Window Door Alarms

Window and door alarms are a perfect inexpensive way to add that little bit of extra security you need to sleep better at night. They are battery operated and they come with mounting hardware. Whenever these your door or window is opened they will make an alert. These are an effective addition or alternative to home security cameras and can be used as a deterrent and to cause prevention.

And don’t worry they come with an on and off switch so the alarm won’t go off everytime you go out your front door or open the window for a bit of fresh air.

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Motion Activated Lights

Motion Activated Lights are a good addition to home security cameras because they alert you of any presence. They are an enhancement to security camera systems because they make the picture clearer (but this isn’t necessary for a clear picture).

These lights are amazing. They come on when someone approaches and they light a wide viewing area.

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They are affordable and easy to install. It’s also good for you as the homeowner, as an extra safety precaution when you come home at night. You’ll come home to a lighted area and know before getting out of your car if there is danger lurking.

NOTE: The next best thing as a home security camera deterrent is the Ring floodlight camera. It has 1080HD video, motion activated, two-way talk, and a remote activated siren. It still has to be hardwired like most security camera systems but a professional will be able to do that for you.

Security Window Film

I bet this is something you’ve never thought about. This is such a simple way to improve your home security but the most underrated. Security window film helps to strengthen your glass from breaks. This slow intruders down which allows you to get to safety or get help.

This film is clear and goes on the inside of your window. It could potentially help you also save on your energy bill with the extra layer of insulation.

There are many more burglar deterrent gadgets on the market. Here’s a complete list of 12 additional burglar deterrent gadgets to improve your home security.

Are home security cameras a deterrent? You bet they are!

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