Being a victim of a crime or knowing someone who has, is a scary position to be in. We feel violated, fearful, helpless, angry and vengeful. And why shouldn’t we feel all of these things? Someone just maliciously took away our sense of security. 

How are we suppose to get back our sense of safety?

We start by learning ways to better protect ourselves.

Like one of our clients Jerry F., who wanted a system to watch and monitor his family in his newly build home, he said he notice a few weeks before having his surveillance system installed, he noticed persons passing thru his yard and one morning his wife put him on notice that their car door was ajar . After having a security camera system installed by us,  he feels more secure and in control of the situation. 

We have spent the last 16 years helping people, just like you, to better protect their homes and businesses. 

And when you are looking to better protect that which you treasure most Cabletel can assist you. 

Our customers love us because we give each client a personal touch. We understand and value your desire to protect your home/business. 

Our prices are fair and our customer service is outstanding. 

Call us at (678) 856-8077 for a FREE estimate to discuss the best security options for your home or business.

Why Our Customers Love Us And Why You Will Too

"Very good work for a fair price. Top quality system with all the bells and whistles. Provided Ethernet enabled wired high definition cameras. Fred was very respectful of my time and very professional. He followed up with support to ensure my satisfaction. I highly recommend."
Jerry F.
Satisfied Customer

CableTel's Mission

To educate our customers on the best security solutions for their needs. 

To provide high-quality installation and class A customer service.