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How Far Can Home Security Cameras See?

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How Far Can Home Security Cameras See

You know that security cameras can record the area around them. But do you really know how far can home security cameras see? Well never fear because today we are going to help you answer that question. It’s important to know how far home security cameras can see because this will determine the type of […]

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Is There a Microphone in Your Nest Home Security Device? Could be. Here’s What You Should Do to Protect Yourself

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Is There A Microphone In Your Nest Security Device? Here's How To Protect Yourself Atlanta

Google’s Nest Secure home security device’s main purchase is to secure your home. Be that as it may, in a totally unforeseen turn of events, the Nest is currently raising security concerns among its users. Google has neglected to inform clients that a microphone has been included in the Nest. The admission by Google does […]


Safest & Most Dangerous Metro Areas for Trick or Treating

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Saftest & Most Dangerous Metro Areas for Trick or Treating

Want a Treat instead of a Trick on Halloween this year? The team at YourLocalSecurity.com (YLS) did some research to determine which US metro areas are the safest to take your costume-cloaked kiddos around the neighborhood with their pumpkin pails in 2018. The team analyzed four data points—percent of trick-or-treaters, pedestrian car deaths, violent crime […]


Floodlight Cams: Best Options 2018

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Floodlight Cams Best Options 2018

Motion activated floodlights are a common tactic for scaring away burglars. So common in fact, that their usefulness has diminished over time. Most people know that they are just motion activated and not controlled by residents. Fortunately, with the emergence of wireless cameras, floodlight cams are becoming more and more popular. So if an intruder […]