5 Home Security Tips For A Worry Free Vacation

What are you summer plans? Do they involve traveling? I bet you have a list of things that you are worrying about before you travel.

  1. Did you book the right hotel?
  2. Did you book the right flight?
  3. Did you book the right car or has your car been serviced?
  4. Did you get all caught up at work?
  5. Will your home be secure while you’re away?

Your vacation should be a worry free time meant only for relaxation. And that’s why we are providing you with 5 home security tips for a worry free vacation. 

Ask someone to keep an eye on things for you while you're away

Just ask someone you trust, to periodically drive by your house and walk around to make sure nothing is out of place. Also ask them to collect your mail so that it doesn’t pile up. Stopping your mail can alert your mail carrier and would be burglars that you are away. By having someone pick up your mail for you it seems as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Additionally, you can also call your local police department to inform them you’ll be on vacation. They may send extra patrol in your area. 

Keep your lawn manicured

Make sure while you’re on vacation that you keep your lawn maintained on  it’s normal schedule. When your yard is unattended it tips burglars off that no one’s home and your home becomes an easy target. Make sure to trim all bushes by entry points so that neighbors can get a good look at anyone trying to forcefully enter your home.

Do not blast your vacation plans on social media

I know it’s tempting to share with your friends and family that you are going on vacation but you are also unwittingly putting yourself in harm’s way. Telling people on social media that you are going to be away is like putting a big target on your back. Instead wait until you return home to share your vacation pictures and stories. Don’t let the burglars know you are not going to be home. 

Set your lights on a timer

Be sure to buy a timer like the Century Indoor 24-hr outlet timer. It’s easy to use, allows you to set your own schedule, and allows your to automate your home while you’re away. If a house is constantly dark or constantly lit up it tips a burglar off that the house may be an easy mark. 

Install a security camera system

A security camera system gives you the ability to monitor your home while you’re away with no monitoring fees. It also allows you to have your family members that may not be on vacation with you also watch your home using an app. Through the app you can get alerts and you can see your property in real time. Learn more about CableTel’s home security camera installation services. 

I hope you found value out of this article. And that you will put these tips into action before your next vacation. Be sure to check out other home security tips for a worry free vacation.

Here’s to a worry free vacation.

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