4 Safety Precautions Every Person Should Take While Traveling

Well Spring Break is upon us and soon after Summer break. I know many of you will be traveling for the summer for that much needed family time. 

But while you are traveling there are 4 safety precautions you should take while traveling to ensure your vacation is a safe and pleasant one. 

Rental Vehicle Safety


  • To help you avoid high crime areas, rent a rental car that has a GPS system or provide one yourself. 
  • Avoid rental cars that have obvious markings of a rental car. Rental cars tend to attract more criminals.
  • Make sure to check the rental car for any kind of damage before you leave the lot. Be sure that everything is correctly noted on your car rental contract so you won’t be charged later. 
Airline Travel With Children


  • If you want to use a child restraint you must purchase an infant ticket. Otherwise you will have to sit your child on your lap for the entire trip.
  • When traveling with infants be extra cautious in ensuring that you pack enough carry on food, diapers, and medications to last the entire trip to include expected and unexpected flight delays.
  • Be sure to seat small children away from the aisle. This will keep them from getting injured by passengers or serving carts.
  • If the emergency oxygen is activated be sure to put your mask on first. This will ensure that you will be able to help your children or others.
  • Put all of your medication in your carry on bags.
Approved Airline Locks


  • When securing your bag make sure to use TSA approved airline locks. If not they will cut off your lock if they decide to search your bag. 
Safety Precautions For Hotel & Motel Stay


  • Larger hotels tend to have better safety precautions. Some experts recommend asking for rooms on the 2nd floor and higher. This will help to deter criminals but will be low enough in case of a fire.
  • Stay at hotels & motels that offer keycard locks, deadbolts, peepholes, fire alarms, and sprinkler equipment.
  • When checking in, ask the receptionist to right your room number down on a piece of paper instead of saying it aloud. This way people nearby won’t hear your room number.
  • Don’t be afraid to stay with your luggage until you arrive at your motel/hotel room.
  • Lock the hotel’s address into your GPS. This way you will have the hotel’s address if you get lost. Or grab some hotel matchbooks and business cards with the address on it.
  • Take time to review the fire evacuation plan in your room. Remember how many doors are between your room and the fire exit. This way you will remember how to get from your room to the exit in case your visibility is impaired.
  • Check for any child hazards if you are traveling with children.
  • If you choose to use hotel daycare, be sure to ask them the tough and important questions that you would any daycare.
  • Consider leaving the TV on or the lights on when you are not in your room. This gives the illusion that someone is in the room.
  • Don not use signs that advertise your not there.
  • Do not leave valuables in plain site.
  • If you meet someone new, meet them in the lobby. Don’t invite them to your room.
  • Always use the main hotel entrance when entering and leaving the building.

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